A revolutionary new way to deliver food.


The Ratio Platform

The Ratio platform is a scalable, end-to-end solution that provides food companies with a cutting-edge, flexible system to cook en route, predict inventory, and meet customer demand — wherever that customer may be.



Patented Bake On The Way™ technology eliminates the need for chemically stabilized meals and 'dwell time'—time where cooked food sits en route for delivery.



Proprietary automation and control systems optimize production, baking, and delivery processes to ensure every meal is delivered at peak freshness and reduce waste.



Consulting services for co-botic automation, packaging design, and culinary consulting to optimize menus for delivery. 


There are more job openings in the U.S. than there are people to do them. 


Food companies are facing an existential crisis: unemployment has hit an historic low—making it harder to find and retain talent—while rent and labor costs are rising faster than out-of-home food prices.

The food industry needs a better model that optimizes operations with these realities, without limiting their capacity.

Only Zume is proposing a holistic solution.


Ratio provides food companies with a better model.

From restaurants to grocery to convenience stores, the Ratio platform powers a new kind of intelligent retail. The Ratio platform is built on flexible infrastructure, hyper-efficient labor utilization, smart inventory planning, and cooking as close to the customer as possible.

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“Zume is revolutionizing the delivery model… We are extremely proud of [our] partnership.”

— Hubertus Muehlhaeuser
CEO, Welbilt (NYSE: WBT)

Welbilt CEO Discusses Exclusive Partnership with Zume, the Robotic Pizza-Maker That's 'Revolutionizing Delivery’ — Mad Money on CNBC


Zume Pizza™

We understand the challenges of delivering hot, fresh, delicious food quickly because we do it ourselves. Zume Pizza™ was founded on the belief that everyone has the right to a healthy meal they can afford. We deliver in Silicon Valley and are expanding quickly. 

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Partner with Zume

Zume is bringing on a limited group of partners as we work on the future of food delivery. If you are interested in being powered by Ratio, contact us below for more information.

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