Pizza Hut’s latest innovation is powered by Zume Source Packaging Technology

At Zume, we’ve set out to engineer the world’s transition to a more sustainable food future. We know, it’s a tall order, made only possible by working with some of the most innovative brands in the food industry. The $900 billion packaging industry and $50 billion pizza delivery market is a great place to start. After all, pizza is where the Zume story began.

That’s why we are equally excited and humbled that the team at Pizza Hut, a legacy innovator when it comes to pizza and food delivery, came to us looking for a packaging solution that could enhance their customers’ food experience while also taking care of the planet. 

We put our world-class design, manufacturing and sustainability teams to work, to meet the specific hot, fast and reliable qualities synonymous with Pizza Hut’s brand. We worked closely with Pizza Hut to design countless versions and features, while testing different types of plant-based ingredients, examining how they performed in-store, at home, in delivery, and under various conditions. 

Today, we’re proud to introduce Pizza Hut’s new round box – an industrially compostable (where available) alternative to cardboard that’s made of plant fiber and designed to retain the hot and crispy integrity of an oven-fresh pizza. All made right here in the U.S.A.

Every last detail of Pizza Hut’s round box has been meticulously calculated by our designers and engineers. Check it out here:

Pizza Hut’s new round box is optimized to keep pizzas hot and crispy after leaving the oven. Here’s a full look at the features:

  • New Round Shape to Keep Pizza Hot and Crispy: Pizza Hut’s round box has ridges and grooves that lead to a central circular recess – keeping hot air in and cool air out. It also features a secure lid with a snap closure to retain heat. In addition, the ridges hold a pizza up from the bottom, which maintains heat and creates airflow and thus separation from oils and moisture, keeping the crust crispy.
  • Plant-Based Materials for a More Sustainable Experience: Pizza Hut’s round box is made of sustainably harvested plant fiber with a smooth finish, providing a beautiful and industrially compostable (where available) alternative to cardboard.
  • Easy to Serve, Fold and Compost: For the first time ever, you can flip the top lid under the bottom to elevate the pizza and serve to guests. When done, it can be folded inside a tiny, at-home countertop bin before being composted in an industrial facility (where available). 
  • Easy to Assemble and Deliver: Cardboard boxes come in a flat pack and have to be assembled; the new round box is pre-molded, ready to use and takes up less storage space. They nest together when stacked, allowing easier handling at the restaurant and throughout the delivery experience.

The Backstory: For the Love of Pizza

Pizza is a part of America’s pastime. But for as long as anyone can remember, this round delicacy has been delivered in a square, cardboard box. We knew there had to be a better way. 

We started this business by looking at things that we love — our love for the planet is only matched by our immense love of food. Starting with America’s favorite food, our reference customer Zume Pizza became the laboratory for innovation — it’s how we test all of our ideas from packaging and cobotics, to recipe creation and new delivery models. We learned what worked, what didn’t, and it’s there we first challenged the status quo of the ubiquitous pizza box.

Fast-forward and we have scaled into a force for the packaging industry with our Zume Source Packaging business. What started as a practical solution to serve a better pie in a more environmentally-friendly way has blossomed into a thriving business solving some of the biggest challenges facing today’s food brands. 

We’re incredibly proud to partner with major food brands like Pizza Hut, on the quest to offer better food packaging alternatives. Pizza Hut is an American legacy that touches the lives of so many families and it’s an honor to work together. Our partnership is a single slice of what’s possible, and a huge reflection of what’s to come.

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