Zume is building a technology infrastructure designed to make the food supply chain smarter and more connected to help brands move food closer to demand, improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Zume Forward

Grow your business by moving food closer to where customers want it

Mobile kitchens, automation, connected appliances and predictive analytics enable food brands to move their operations closer to customers and use resources more efficiently, resulting in superior economics.

Zume Forward Mobile

Move food closer to customer demand

Demand for food varies by time of day and by trade area. There aren’t many traditional brick-and-mortar locations that offer the perfect mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner traffic. So using a mobile kitchen that can change location based on predictive analytics is a breakthrough in restaurant development.

Faster expansion

On average, it takes two years to locate, permit and build a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Zume Forward provides a flexible alternative to get to market more quickly with much lower investment costs.

Unlock new markets

Brick-and-mortar locations are limited to trade areas where demand is high. With Zume, it’s possible to target “micro-trade areas” like office parks, hospitals, events and other areas where demand is still high but volumes are lower.

Improved food quality and economics

The forward deployment of food reduces last-mile delivery times and distances while improving food quality, and highly optimized workflows allow brands to assemble food more efficiently compared to brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Zume Source

Making sustainability profitable

By using data to better connect the food supply chain, we’re able to create planet-friendly alternatives to how food is grown, transported, prepared and packaged — all at superior economics.

Zume Source Packaging


Made from agricultural waste and other responsibly sourced biomass, Zume Source Packaging is 100% compostable and has a reduced environmental footprint compared to paper and plastic alternatives.


Fiber-molded, compostable packaging that is more affordable than plastic at scale.

Proprietary Technology

Zume manufacturing is capable of producing unique shapes at high yields with fast cycle times.

Performs Like Plastic

Adaptable and durable with smooth surfaces and zero draft angles, our sustainable packaging performs and feels like plastic, not rough paper.

Specialized Design and Branding

Fully customizable shapes and designs with embossed branding enable full brand control to ensure differentiation from the competition.


Zume Source GigaFarm

Zume Source GigaFarm is an agricultural platform that will support growers with fixed-rate leases for both land and utilities, as well as offtake agreements. It will generate water, energy and nutrients for the growers with net zero or positive environmental impacts and reduce food waste by predicting what, how much and when to grow.

Zume Source
Prep On The Way

Zume Source POTW will collect produce from Zume Source GigaFarm and other farms and process it during idle driving time to connect growers directly to sales channels. This reduces labor costs and time and distance to market, and eliminates additional processing and distribution steps — decreasing food waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

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