Zume’s Forward Mobile Kitchens Bring Rapid Brand Expansion to &pizza

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif (Sept. 19, 2019) —  Zume, Inc., the company engineering the world’s transition to a more sustainable food future, today announces a strategic partnership with &pizza, a 36 location fast-casual chain known for its bold approach to food tech innovation and adoption. 

&pizza will use Zume’s Forward Mobile Kitchens to expand its brand in new markets, test new products before adding them to the menu in its brick and mortar restaurants and create a seamless brand experience across all of its different restaurant formats. Widely-acclaimed &pizza has been at the vanguard when it comes to using restaurant technology and innovative dining formats. 

We’re giving restaurants a fast, and cost-effective way to expand while focusing exclusively on what they love most - creating amazing food experiences for their customers. We’re thrilled to partner with a forward-thinking restaurant chain like &pizza who is an innovator and who shares our belief that food should be a catalyst for a better world.”

Alex GardenChairman, and CEO of Zume Inc.

A Zume Forward Mobile Kitchen helps restaurants bring food closer to their customers. These turn-key configurable mobile units offer restaurants:

  • Faster Expansion with Lower Upfront Capital: On average, it takes two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to locate, permit and construct a brick-and-mortar restaurant. A Zume Forward Mobile Kitchen provides a pre-configured leasable format that helps restaurants enter new markets in a matter of weeks. 
  • Flexibility to Unlock New Markets: Zume Forward Mobile Kitchens allow restaurants to expand into new trade areas, and “micro-trade areas” like office parks, hospitals, events and other locations that are known to have significant demand. Because it is mobile, the restaurant owner can also move the unit closer to its customers where demand is greatest.  
  • Technology Integration: The Zume Forward Mobile Kitchens come equipped with an intelligent software platform that optimizes workflow, connected appliances, and integration into last-mile delivery providers.
  • White-Glove Operational Support: Zume provides assistance with market identification, permitting, mobile kitchen operations, transportation, and kitchen maintenance. The company also offers delivery-specific culinary support, helping restaurants optimize their menu to ensure the integrity of their food quality in a mobile kitchen environment. 

Zume’s Forward Mobile Kitchens give us the flexibility to capitalize on non-tradition allocations and extend the brand experience to more customers. The process of creating a technologically integrated experience in our pizza shops has a considerable lead time, so we’re leveraging mobile units to share our product and story before we open a physical space.”

Andy HooperPresident, and COO of &pizza

Here’s a video about how Zume’s Forward Mobile Kitchens work: https://youtu.be/agiuPUI9R6k.

About Zume:

Zume, Inc. is creating a “sustainability fabric” of technology solutions that help food companies thrive in a delivery-enabled food system while reducing waste and carbon emissions. Zume’s solutions include Zume Culinary, which optimizes cuisines for food delivery customers, including the company’s own reference customer, Zume Pizza; Zume Forward, which helps food companies predict demand and deploy food and goods where people want them; and Zume Source, which provides economically superior and more sustainable alternatives for how food is grown, transported, prepared and packaged. Learn more at zume.com.

About &pizza:

&pizza (www.andpizza.com) threw the rules out of the window and built design-focused, tech-savvy pizza shops reflecting the culture of the neighborhoods they inhabit and the employees who make each shop go. The accolades are great, but identity and a devotion to doing what’s right comes first. That comes through in every shop’s look and feel, every pie made and every text sent.


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